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Dodd Family Tree

Robert Dodd was a plumber in the 1850' says so on the marriage certificate of his son Patrick. How strange to have someone at that time earning his living as a plumber...remember this was the time of the great hunger in Ireland

Patrick became a policeman and rose to the rank of sergeant. He then took on the job of forrester on the estate of the Gore-Booths..he died at the relatively early age of 54.

Robert was Patricks eldest son..who had four children..Violet,Hugh,Lionel and Phyllis..they were all born at the Mall,Sligo,Ireland which was a Masonic Lodge. Robert was a draper in one of the large shops in Sligo.

Violet never married..she lost her only love during the war. Hugh married and went to live in England. Phyllis went to S.Africa and spent the rest of her life there married to an eminent surgeon..their first language was Africaans

Lionel went to live in England and met Eva Dora Allen and stayed in Norfolk Hemsby until he was killed as a result of a car accident at the age of 60. He was a manufacturers agent.

Lionel and Eva had one son Martin Lionel who married Pauline Tuttle. They went to live in Jersey,Channel Islands and had two sons Jason Robert and Marcus Robin.