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Family picture here My earliest TENANT came From Gressenhall,Norfolk,England. Kelly's 1900 Directory says: "Gressenhall is a parish and village 3 miles North West from Dereham. The Church is St.Mary the Virgin chiefly in the Perpendicular style of the 15th Century.The register dates from 1538, was recovered after having been lost for over 200 years. The area is 2,647 acres. The population in 1891 was 610, exclusive of 226 officers and inmates in Mitford and Launditch union workhouse." It was very much a farming area and most of my ancestors were agricultural labourers. I have met up via the Internet with two cousins and would be pleased to hear from any others.


The genealogy information at this site has entries for 22 individuals with 9 distinct surnames.
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